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 Holiday Party Event!

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PostSubject: Holiday Party Event!   Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:35 am

Holiday Party Event!

Postby saphars » Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:47 am

Put on your favorite holiday costume and get ready to party in the snow in Alker Harbor!

Celebrate the holidays in style with dancing, monster spawns, and size changes! Stop by Alker Harbor this Tuesday and Wednesday to hang out with the Luna GMs, beat up some holiday baddies, and get your character shrunk to elf-sized proportions!

When and Where:
Crescent Server - Alker Harbor (Channel 3)
Tuesday, December 22 - 11:00am PST
Wednesday, December 23 - 3:00pm PST

Eclipse Server - Alker Harbor (Channel 3)
Tuesday, December 22 - 3:00pm PST
Wednesday, December 23 - 11:00am PST

More detailed time tables, including what time the event starts in other timezones, are available below.

How to Participate:
Gather your friends and join the fun in Alker Harbor (channel 3) at the time of the event. Come dressed in a holiday costume and be ready to dance!

Extra snowmen and Christmas trees will be spawned throughout the event, meaning there's plenty of chances to get your hands on some cool Christmas loot including costume items, fireworks, and more!

Players sporting a festive outfit and getting their groove on will be receive a temporary size change. Santa's elves are small right? Well prepare to be microscopic!

11:00am PST (Pacific Standard Time) equals:

1:00pm CST (Central Standard Time)
2:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
7:00pm GMT DST (Greenwich Mean Time: London)
8:00pm CET DST (Central Europe Time: Rome, Paris)
(Next Day)
3:00am PHT (Philippine Time), MST (Malaysian Standard Time)
5:00am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
8:00am NZST (New Zealand Standard Time)

3:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) equals:

5:00pm CST (Central Standard Time)
6:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
11:00pm GMT DST (Greenwich Mean Time: London)
(Next Day)
12:00am (midnight) CET DST (Central Europe Time: Rome, Paris)
7:00am PHT (Philippine Time), MST (Malaysian Standard Time)
9:00am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
12:00pm (noon) NZST (New Zealand Standard Time)
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Holiday Party Event!
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