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 Begginer Guide

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PostSubject: Begginer Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:47 am

Original guide: Beginner guide: Everything about Luna by cayena

What is the difference?
1. Looks.
2. Beginning stats.
3. Class skills
4. Higher level classes (Some are race only)

Human Buff - Burning rage, increases your attack power but drains HP.
Elf buff - Nature shield, increases your defense but drains MP.
Note: Don't get confused, if you have HP regeneration and use the skill that drains HP. Your HP will then go up and down, regenerate and get drained again.

Rouge, Fighter or Mage are the beginner classes you'll start out with and you'll choose at character creation.

Every class will have their detirmed set of skills, but mixing those with your special choice of stats and you can make so and say everything: Classic builds found in every game, or a tanker mage, an magical warrior. Anything is possible in Luna!

Another thing that helps in making whatever you want, you can jump classes. If first job is mage, then you can go cleric at 2nd job for heals and then at 3rd you can go a class for damage!

But each level you only get 1 stat point, so choose carefully where you put it!
Str - Increases ur physical attack
Dex - Increases ur accuracy, dodge rate, crit rate
Vit - Increase max hp, hp regen and defense
Int - Increase Magic damage
Wis - Increase max mp, mp regen and magic defense

Every time you level up you get something called SP, which is short for Skill Points. Every skill in the game costs at least 1SP or more, some skills also costs Gold.
Total SP in Level groups:
Lv.1-20= 64SP
Lv.1-40 = 229SP
Lv.1-75 = 758SP
Lv. 1-100 = 1324SP

If you at any level decide to use a skill reset scroll you will receive gold back so you can spend them on new skills.

Rouge have two main branches: The one with dagger and the one with bow.
It's a class quite easy to handle, it's both solo and party friendly.
Reasons to choose this class:
- Alright defense.
- Alright HP.
- Good Crits.
- Good at PVP.
- Prefers physical damage.

DEX = Crit/dodge/Evasion build
STR/DEX = Hybrid
STR = Raw power
VIT = HP/Defense, pure tanker build.
STR/VIT = Hybrid tanker and damage.

(H-human, E-elf)

Fighter has two main branches: Attack and Defense.
Like any other game, fighter is the class with most tanker and defense abilities but if shaped right it can become a good damager as well.
Fighter has the choice between one handed weapons or two handed weapons (Swords, Maces, and Axes) Each weapon having their own specialty.
Reasons to choose this class:
- Ton of HP
- Ton of Defense
- Melee combat

DEX = Crit/dodge/Evasion build
STR = Raw power
VIT = HP/Defense, pure tanker build.
STR/VIT = Hybrid tanker and damage.
INT = Some warrior classes have INT skills o.o"

Mage have two main branches: Damager and Supporter. At 40 they also have a hybrid class named Monk(H) which both have a lot of buffs and strong damage skills.
Reason to choose this class:
- High damage
- Good Party class
- Have solo classes
- Support/heal
- Magical attacks
- Buffs
- Range attacks
- Dots (Damage over time)

VIT= Pure supporter (godly HP and defence)
VIT/WIS= Hybrid supporter
VIT/INT= Hybrid damage/solo supporter/damage tanker.
WIS= Pure supporter (godly MP)
WIS/INT= Hybrid damage
INT= Pure damage
Note: DEX don't give magical crits.

Note: At level 40 Monk (H) is an option, and at level 75 Inquirer (H) is an option, author forgot to put them here..

In Luna Online there is a nice dating system! Go see the family manager in alker harbor and register yourself, add your likes and dislike and you can go on a date with ANYONE who have more then 30% in common. If your lucky enough to get over 80% there will be a heart alarm over each other heads that no one but you two can see.
Guide on how to get into the dating system

You can fish! You can fish for hours and hour nonstop. You can gain fish to trade for fishing points which you can trade for interesting items like a funky looking hat with stats on it! Or you can be as lucky to get a fish which looks like it's made of pure gold, by double clicking on it you can get some cool items, even cash shop items like map scrolls and exp scrolls!
Guide how to fish!

Find a family and get a farm! You can have animals, plants and your own family storage. Depending on the plant and level you can get all kinds of things, like HQ gems and materials to create enchant scrolls.
Of course it's not free! There is a weekly fee of 500k, if it's not paid you will loose your farm. So even if all 60 spots is taken on a server you can hunt weekly for unpaid farms, or for familys who needs an extra member because they cannot farm unless they have 5 people in their family!
Guide how to farm

Kill them! Slay them all! You'll have a chance of getting fun items, even fashion :3
Guide how to get the fashion pieces :3

And if your bored you always got the monsters keeping you company!

If you get tired of grinding you can always hunt bosses! There is a set of bosses on every map so your bound to have some around your level too. If your lucky you might get some kick ass item on the side of the good exp^^
Boss Locations

In luna there is also a nice dueling and PK system, PK has a lot of bad sides with it but is also fun! PK can only happen at selective maps at higher level, some of them are red orc outpost and the way to howling ravine. Dueling however, can happen anywhere you choose. A box will pop up around the two duelers and you cannot move away from that box. and it'll last a minute or till one of them dies.

Pimping out your gear!
One of the most important things in Luna ;D
Constructing/Destructing: Collect everything! Make your own Equipment! If your lucky you'll get good stats on them.

Reinforce: Don't throw away those gems, save them make a mule if you have too. Later you'll want them to pimp out your gear with extra stats!

Equipment w/info about enchanting

- Luna is Mouse Controlled, you cannot move around with W/A/S/D
- Luna has AutoLoot, great for us lazy people.
- The Farm is connected through all the channels
- Click N to write an Note to your offline friends!
- Your HP will regenerate every 4 seconds
- Your MP will regenerate every 6 seconds
- You regenerate faster when your Sitting.
- You get 36 slots free in the storage! The next 36 slots costs 100k
(More then that is cash shop only)
- You can buy more inventory space through the cash shop

-CTRL+Z: Makes it so everything goes away so you can take a good screenshot.
-CTRL+uparrow: Quick reply to whispers.
-HOME: Opens the chatroom
-F1-F6: Switches between your party members, very useful if your a supporter class so you can easily buff/heal them.
-ALT+drag to another spot in your inventory: separates the items


Depending on how many minutes your logged in, and how many monster you've killed You'll gain different grades of Blessed Time Crystal and Blessed Protection Crystal. You will gain a new one every 100 minute/kill or so.

Level up gift boxes! No they do not level you up, different level boxes give different things. Everything from cash shop buffs, exp scrolls, and equipment.
Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 55 are the levels you got a box to open.
If you end up getting glitched and don't get a box, please send a mail to the GMs.

And if all this isn't enough to keep you at Luna Online, don't forget to explore the magical world of Luna, where every map has a scenery of it's own!

Big thanks to cayena for this great guide ^__^
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Begginer Guide
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