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 Matchmaking Guide

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PostSubject: Matchmaking Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:03 am

Original guide: [Guide] Matchmaking by kajashix

First off let me tell you, translations, locations and the system we'll get might be slightly different from what you'll see here but this should give you some rough insight about how the system works.

First you need to go see the "Family Manager", found in Alker Harbor.

Then you have to register yourself as a resident, this is where the Matchmaking begins.

As you can see in the picture below this is where you fill in information about yourself. Age, Region, what you Like, and Dislike (also known as Favors).

Ok lets put in the 3 "Likes" first~

And then age and Region, along with 2 "Dislikes", then we press Save.

Now we're in the "Date Matching Window", this is where you can see people that have similar "Favors" as you and also start the Date Instances, more about that later.

Now, lets select "M" (Male), and refresh the list. As you can see there is one with 100 "Matching", you can then select him/her and see what info he/she put in her resident information.

Ok, and here he is. Making the pervert face o.o;

Ok now, to start a Date instance there are four requirements that must be met:

1) When chatting 1:1 with the person with more than 30 matching points
2) When you're in a party with the person you're chatting 1:1 with
3) When you're party president
4) When the possible entrance number is greater than zero.

Tostart the Date:

1) Double click the person from the list in the Date Matching window to start a 1:1 chat.

2) Create a party, find this special person and invite him/her. (by making the party you become the party president)

3) Press the "Matching" buttom in the Date Matching window

4) Select what instance you wanna do. The first being for lvl 1-20 and the 2nd being lvl 21-40 (onlyones i've tried).

That should be enough to fill you in with the Basics of Matchmaking and how to start a Date. So if you have someone you play alot with, a Girlfriend or Boyfriend make sure you register with the same "Favors", so you'll be a perfect match ^~

From original guide: [Guide] Dating Dungeons by liddokun

How to enter dungeon:
1. Select your date's name from the window and select chatting.

2. When you are both ready click on Matching and select the level range of the dungeon (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, etc.).

3. You will both be teleported to the dungeon and the dungeon will start. Goal of the dating dungeon is to kill all mobs and the boss in the dungeon as fast as you can. There is also a time limit of 15 minutes. Your best time is recorded.
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Matchmaking Guide
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