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 Fishing Guide

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PostSubject: Fishing Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:31 am

Original guide: Guide: How to Fish in Luna Online by liddokun

You can fish in the fishing/farming map of Alker Harbor (called Alker Farms). To fish you need a few things: a fishing pole and bait which can be bought from the Fisherman NPC. You start off with a beginner fishing pole, once your fishing level increases you can start using more advanced fishing poles such as intermediate poles and expert/master fishing pole. More advanced fishing poles increases your chance to catch a fish. You increase you fishing level by

Press S for your skill window and double click on the fishing icon. Once the fishing window pops up and you have enough bait and a fishing pole in your inventory you can start the fishing mini-game. Make sure you are standing at the correct spot.

The mini-game involves hitting the LEFT SIDE CTRL key as it moves down a bar. If you hit the right spot then increase your chance to catch a fish. What you catch is completely random.

Note: Weather can have an effect of what you catch or if you catch anything at all.

After using up all your bait or getting tired of fishing you can turn in the fishes to the fisherman npc for fish points which can be used to purchase special items from the npc.

Some examples of the reward are cute headgear such as these:

Fishing tips:

1. Fishing on swirling water will increase your chance to get a golden carp or the terrapin (turtle). Golden carp/Terrapin gives you random items ranging from temporary gear (7 day equipment such as belt and caps) to 7 day 20% speed potions, 2 hour XP potions and 7 day map transfer scrolls as well as ancient upgrade scrolls (scrolls that upgrades your equipment but does not eat your stuff if it fails but it will reset upgrades to 0).

2. Active fishing is where you actively play the mini-game by scoring hits on the moving bar. This will increase your chance of getting a fish. According to testimonials from other players and self research it increases your catch from 40% to around 65% per 100 fish. I have yet to personally do a large scale sample test.

3. You can somewhat influence the fish you catch by using/wearing the appropriate fishing gear and bait. Altho the influence is small, it can add up overtime.

4. Dace gives 1 point, Carp gives 2 points and Gold minnow gives 3 points (despite the tooltip saying 2 points).

5. Completing the fishing mission will reward you with items. I got a nostrum and a 1000 year ginseng so far. The fishing mission is pretty much random. You can't really control what you catch 100% of the time but you can influence it using the correct bait/fishing gear. So a lot of it is left to chance.
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Fishing Guide
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