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 Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Farming Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:42 am

Original guide: Basic guide to farming in Luna Online by cinderboy

How do I enter the farm map ?

The farm portal is located at Alker Harbor. Even if the server has 10 channels, there is only one for the farm map. No matter if you enter via Channel 1, 5 or 10, everyone will end up in the same farm map.

Requirements for buying a farm (60 farms in each server):

1. Head of family to be lvl 50

2. 5 full family members

3. Family fame points to be at least 500k

4. Have 2million gold in family head's inventory (only family head can buy the farm)

*Note: Each family can only have 1 farm*

Farm layout:

1. Entrance

There will be a signboard in place of the NPC when you are first buying your farm. After buying, upgrade your farm and pay your weekly farm maintenance fee to this NPC. Weekly maintenance costs 500k gold. Upgrades cost both family fame points and gold.

2. Fence

Not much use for now, upgrades changes its appearance like all other buildings in the farm.

3. Field

One of the goldmine of the farm. You are to plant your seeds here, feed it and harvest the grown plants. More information to be added later.

4. Shed

This is the other goldmine of the farm, even though this feature will most likely not to be implemented at launch. This shed allows you to rear animals, and of course, get items from them. You will need to feed the animals to keep its happiness rating up. More information to be added later.

5. House

Feature to be implemented at a much much later date. According to the Korean forums, you can enter your house via the NPC at the entrance. You can then decorate it and make it pretty. Not sure if there will be any bonuses related to the family. More information to be added later.

6. Storage

Another feature to be added at a much later date, apparently this acts as another storage compartment for your family members, like the Guild Storage. Nothing is confirmed though. More information to be added later.

How to start farming

1. You will need seeds of course Seeds drop from mobs, or you can buy them off other players. Different seeds will give different harvests.

2. You will need fertilizers, bought from the Goods Merchant NPC:

You will notice the numbers on the fertilizers. If you are planting a lvl 3 seed, you will need to buy the fertilizers labeled "3". There are a few kinds of fertilizers, the most expensive will of course fertilize or "heals" the seeds faster. The "hp" bar of the seeds will slowly decrease, and if not tended to for a day, the seeds will disappear.

When your seed turns into a fully grown plant, stop feeding it and use the Harvester to harvest your loot.

Pressing the "F" button will show you who planted seeds (from your family) in which plot number. Clicking on the seed will also show you how long more before it reaches its next stage of growth.

What items can be harvested from the fully grown plants ?

Once you harvest, you will get a fruit. You will need to double click on the fruit to get the item.

There are a number of items which can be gained, but the main one would be the materials to craft upgrade scrolls (to +1 +2 so forth) your weapons and gears.

Different seeds produce different materials, some are for accessory scrolls (rings, necklaces) and there's the weapon and armor upgrade scrolls. I will not go into detail as I am not sure how the items will be named in this server.

When crafting the scrolls, its a 80% success chance. Scrolls can be gotten from mobs, but its a really rare drop.

How can I rear animals in the shed ?

This feature was only implemented in the Taiwan server weeks ago, so prepare for some waiting before it hits the English server. Since I know Chinese, here's a exclusive preview of this feature.

Misc details:

1. The farm map is a non-pk map. However, if you are having a guild war, people from both union/guild will be able to kill each other in the map.

2. You can't "rob" others of their farm. The only way to get one if all 60 are occupied is to buy from the farm owner. Expect to pay a very high price of course.

3. Once again, maintenance fee will be 500k gold a week. Upgrades to structures in the farm will cost both gold and family points.

4. 24hours before you are required to pay your maintenance fee, there will be a message telling you to pay up whenever you log into the game or change maps. And of course, you can pay earlier without having the message to pop out and remind you. If you do not pay by the allocated time, your farm will be listed as empty, thus allowing others to buy the farm.
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Farming Guide
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