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 Boss Locations Guide

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PostSubject: Boss Locations Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 4:02 am

Original guide: Boss Locations by cayena

Your first boss quests will come quite early, and it will come often. There are a set of bosses on every map of luna, and finding them can sometimes be quite hard considering there are a lot who need them and a lot who just farm them in case they get good items.

Every boss is solo able, it's all a matter of how you do it and how many pots you got. Doing them alone might take time so finding people your own level to help you do them might as well be good. As an advice to you, don't go crying for someone 30 levels higher then you to help because most of these bosses you don't even need a same level warrior to tank, most of them mages can tank and rouges even pure dex/str will tank them FINE on pots alone.

If you want to solo - Use a dot, then run while potting. Then dot. And keep going. At higher level of course stun/freeze and so on will also help a lot.

Note: The evil golem (Green dot) is your first boss that will walk around. Their annoying, they will spawn somewhere on the map and then start to WALK AROUND till someone hit it. That's why I have only shown where I've seen it - the blue dots is the route I've seen it walk whenever I've hunted it.

Note: Black gargoyle is the 2nd moving boss you'll encounter, My sources says it spawns up in Eyebat Valley but I've always seen him down by the eyebats and then seen it walk up toward the supply route. Where it then got killed.

Note: Orange Harpy queen. She spawns on different locations and moves around.

Tei's note: I'll update the rest of bosses' places as soon as I find them.
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Boss Locations Guide
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