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 Constucting/Destructing Guide

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PostSubject: Constucting/Destructing Guide   Sat Sep 26, 2009 4:11 am

Original guide: [Updated names]Construct/Destruct - Guide by cayena

What is constructing?
constructing is a way of creating something, like you can use raw materials and make a higher quality material and you can even make equipment.
EG: 10 ruby gem pieces can become 1 Ruby gem.
EG: 1 Ruby gem can become 1 high grade Ruby gem.

But if you want to try your luck you can choose another option which has 50 or 60% success rate of combing using less ingredients.

Where is the construct icon?

How to construct?
First open up the construct window and then select the item you want to construct.

Select the item you wish to construct(hold your mouse over it to find out what it is),
on the window above you can see what items are needed to make the selected item. If you have all just click CONSTRUCT and it will be done.

You can get patterns from monster or you can make them by using some materials. (higher rank materials higher level equipment or weapons you can make)
metal and ores -> heavy armour
All kinds of leather -> light armour
Fabric and cloth -> robes
The bad thing about making items yourself is that it gives RANDOM bonus attributes so they might end up bad and might end up amazing.

Can I use everything I find for constructing?
If you want to check whetever or not you can construct the item hold your mouse above the item and a window will pop up. Read the last white lines of the window and you'll find out.


What is destructing?
destructing is the oposite of constructing, you take an equipment or an material and break it down to other tiems or lower level material. Instead of selling equipment to an npc disjointing saves you a lot of money, whetever you save up the material to make your own equipment or if you decide to put up a shop and sell it to other players. There are money in it no matter what!

But destructing all those starter equipment and material will just flood your storageroom so I'd recommend you did it later on around 20 and so.

Some equipment have a mystery or random item inside which you can get when you destruct, their usually gems or rock or something very usefull if you'r going to start with gem reinforce and enchanting.

Where is the destructing icon?

How to destruct?
Open up the destruct icon, select the desired item from your inventory. Unlike composing you don't CHOOSE what to get here you get everything that shows.

If there is any mystery or random item within the item you choose, it will be shown in the image lowest of the window. In this case, there was something there. Then just click destruct and wait.

Can I destructing ANYTHING I find?
Like constructing only a few items can be destructing.
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Constucting/Destructing Guide
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