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 Tips and Tricks

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PostSubject: Tips and Tricks   Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:28 am

Original Guide: Luna Online- Tips and Tricks by l3andicoot


Loves nature so much they have been called the "Mothers of the Woods".
Extraordinary long life. They can routinely live well over 100 years. Deep Connection with nature led to incredible skill with magic.
Highly nimble, flexible and lighting quick.
Not overly socialable but friendly to humans. Hate fighting but won't run away if they are stuck in a fight.

They have more freedom to choose between good and evil choices. They may not be as quick or flexible as elves but they do have more strength.
While they are never the top creature in any catergory there are times of extreme super abilities.
Humans are the most social creature in the "Land of Blue." They have the ability to make strong bonds of friendship with any creature.
While they aren't violent or looking for a fight, they aren't afraid to pick up a weapon.


Fighters deal in heavy melee weapons, focused on physical power and defence.

Level 1-19

Level 20-39
Guard | Warrior

Level 40-74
Mercenary | Infantry Man | Sword Man

Level 75-104
Gladiator | Phalanx | Knight | Rune Knight

Level 105-
Crusader | Destroyer | Paladin | Panzer | Sword Master | Magnus
Death Knight | Lordn | Arch Templar

Human Only | Elf Only | Both

Rogues deal in light physical weapons, focused on speed and ranged capabilities.

Levels and Jobs

Voyager | Ruffian

Thief | Archer | Scout

Assassin | Ranger | Tresure Hunter | Rune Walker

Blade Taker | Entrapper | Sniper | Templar Master

Blood Stalker | SoulEye | Arch Breezer

Human Only | Elf Only | Both

Mages deal in magic and magical weapons, focusing on magical attacks and support.

Level 1-19

Level 20-39
Cleric | Wizard

Level 40-74
Monk| Priest | Sorcerer

Level 75-104
Inquirer | Bishop | Warlock | Elemental Master

Level 105-119
Necromancer | Cardinal | Grandmaster | Soul Arbiter

Dark Archon | Saint | Arch Celebrant

Human Only | Elf Only | Both

Tips and Tricks

1. Press Ctrl+Z to hide everything for a screen shot
2. Use Ctrl and up arrow button for quick whisper reply.
3. When your looking for items in the market, there's an action button for you to type. press (S) to go to your actions and skills, type in what you want to search for in the MARKET SEARCH action, then search for something like "lv20," and then people who's shop has a "lv20" in their title will be highlighted in blue.
4. When you want to do trading of items between different channels of your server, you can go to the farm, and trade. The farm is connected to all of your channels.
5. Press the (HOME) button to open a chat room.
6. To seperate items, press Alt and drag your item from 1 spot to another.
7. Press ESC and there is a return to safe spot. It will bring you to character selection screen, and when u log back in, you are back to the last entrance portal you came from.
8. Press (N) to send your friend a ''SMS"
9. This is mainly for healers: when your in group u can press F1-F6 to switch between your group members. It's useful for you to heal and buff them.
10. Those bamboos and signs in town have items in them. Hit them if you are bored, and they may drop something nice...

-Each server only has 60 farms
-Storage shared by family members
-Plant only 15 seeds Maximum at one time
-Harvest various items from your ripe fruit
-Can't have more than 1 farmhouse

-Fishing area in Alker Port
-Trade fish for Fishing Points
-Fish up Rare Items or Rubbish
-Press "S" to select your fishing skill
-Weather affects what you catch
Some Cool Fishing Headgear

-When you reach Alker Port, set your Identifiation Card right away so you can begin having relationships
-ID includes Age, Sex, Hobbies, and Location
-There is a Search Partner function
-There is a special dungeon for you and your partner

-Get the first hit!!!
-Stuns are effective
-Timing is key
-Find a combination that works best for you
-Good Luck!

Other Notable Things
-You can upgrade things
-You can disjoint, or break down things in to raw materials
-You can compound materials into better materials

Thanks For Reading!
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Tips and Tricks
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