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 Wings and ballons- lv 24

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PostSubject: Wings and ballons- lv 24   Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:58 am

We all know that the map of luna has a considerable size in comparation with character's speed.

Thus, the wings or balloons, are very useful,

since it increase walking speed by 17%

The quest start when you got lv 24 In Alker Harbor city, NPC Farouk.

This quest is similar to all the quests in the game, that is, the NPC Farouk will give one mission to be accomplished. (in the case the floatings stones).

Thus, you should go to Ruins of Draconia and talk to the NPC Fesilos.

Fesilos asks you to go hunting stone Golem in tarintus. You need to collect 10 pieces of floting stone.

For those who do not know or never saw, the location of the stone Golem can be seen below:

After collecting the items needed, return to Alker Harbor and talk again with Farouk. Having made this step, look at your map (W on the

keyboard) that there are 4 NPCs for your choice.

Name Npc Monster Location
White Wing Celerian (Family NPC) Need to kill Eyebats Tarintus
Black Wing Tierre (Rogue Unio) Need to kill zombiesTarintus
Airship with Shark's Teeth Boucheron (Armor Merchant) Need to kill Mimic Tarintus
Ampereox or Balloon's Piellanshar (wharehouse) Need to kill ??? Tarintus

White Wings!!!

Black wings!!!

Airship with Shark's Teeth

Ampereox or Balloon's

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Wings and ballons- lv 24
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