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 Trick or Treat

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PostSubject: Trick or Treat   Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:43 am

Floating Rock Candy

Farouk has been at it again, and this time he's created something Blue Landers of all levels can enjoy: floating rock candy!

Made of a hyper-refined ore of the same floating stone that keeps Blue Land afloat,

this sweet candy has the added bonus of making you lighter on your feet for a short while after you eat it!

Careful, though- it may get away from you!

Yum Yum!

(really wishing Photoshop would work on my computer. Oh, well.

"So what if Remus had won the city of Rome instead of Romulus?"

"No, that wouldn't work. You can't say 'When in Reme, do as the Remans do!"


Luna Online Gummies! In strawberry, blueberry, and green apple. New flavors will be released randomly --just like game content Very Happy

Black Cherry flavored Tarintus gummy is a rare addition. nothing else special about him, so eat him up!!

If you're lucky you might find a token for 200 bonus gpotato in your bag.

If you find a rainbow token in your bag and type in the code at you could win a jackpot of 10000 gpotatos!

Many will enter, few will win

I love gummies xD I always eat gummy bears or gummy worms...or those little fruit rings with the sugar on em.

I still will go nuts after those scooby doo fruit snacks (or whatever characters they're using for those things now).

Swedish fish... sour gummy worms. all that stuff.. so I couldn't resist making Luna gummies. I WANT SOME!!!


Claps hands- Alright now, children. Don't shove, don't push! There's pleanty to go around, I've made enough for us all!

I'd like to introduce my latest invention! After traveling all over the world in search of exotic new flavors,

I came across a strange and new land. There were creatures everywhere! Not the normal zuwangers and zipbangers though!

These were different.

There were Slimes that tasted like blueberry, and Mushroom's that tasted... well...

I didn't like the mushroom flavor too well. But the Lizardmen, they tasted good!

I was finally inspired to come out with something great! So I took samples back to my factory and went to work!

I have Lizardman fudge, a delightfully dark rich flavor followed by a sweet after taste! I have Slime chocolates!

They taste like chocolate covered blueberries... haha!

And moving on, I have the mushroom melts... but those are exactually ready to be tested yet. Hah!

The last Oompa-Loompa to give them a try didn't want to look at them again! I think that means they're bad! Haha! Enjoy!

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Trick or Treat
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