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 Trick nor treat

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PostSubject: Trick nor treat   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:44 am

trick or treat

by kageryu798 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:40 pm

I have the ultimate idea.

I will see if I can gather the time to draw it out.

*reserves post for entry*

[EDIT: 10/09/09, 2:30 am PDT]

Okay, I have no time to draw it.

But anywho, I had this epic idea of creating a 1.5 foot-tall sculpture of Tarintus made out of solid,

dark chocolate, equisitely detailed down to the last scale; a solid block of awesomity.

The wings would be finely-shaped sticks of black licorice,

with each of the wing membranes being composed of 3 layers of sweet,

edible candy wrapper, stretched out an entire three inches.

The eyes, spikes and horns would be composed of a translucent, l

ight green candy similar in composition to gummy worms, flavored as tangy green apple.

These same delicacies can also be found at the end of Tarintus' foot-long tail,

composed not of dark chocolate like the body,

but a sweeter rendition of black licorice that allows flexibility and function,

as well as a much sweeter taste to break away from the dark flavor of the body,

which totals three feet in length from tail tip to snout.

Finally, coming from the mouth of this 1' 6" chocolate monument would be a stream of frothy,

light green, hard-whipped cream that would act as Tarintus' devastating AOE.

It is as much a work of art as it is a meal.

Bring your Guildmates, for it will take more than one person to consume

the mighty Tarintus in one sitting!

Available now at the Shadow Dragon Candy Studio.

I wish I had time to draw this.
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Trick nor treat
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