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 Halloween Scream Event (October 22 - November 4)

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PostSubject: Halloween Scream Event (October 22 - November 4)   Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:15 am

Thread source: Halloween Scream Event (October 22 - November 4) Announcements section

Halloween in Luna gets off to a spooky start with the Halloween Scream event! Log in now and join in the festivities, including in-game riddles, a chance at Halloween-themed permanent costumes, and of course... candy!

When and Where:
Thursday, October 22nd - Wednesday, November 4th

How to Participate:
Log in and visit Candy Doll in Alker Harbor to get started! Answer Luna trivia questions to earn candy or grab a partner and head to a date dungeon to defeat monsters and take their candy instead!

Halloween Magic Candy - Earn delicious fruit-flavored Halloween treats by answering tricky trivia questions. Candy can either be eaten to restore 50 HP and 50 MP or saved to construct special Halloween Masks.

Halloween Magic Candy Construction Recipes:

Halloween Candy Bar - Don't get tricked! Defeat monsters in date dungeons to steal their tasty treats! Candy bars can either be eaten to instantly restore 50 MP or saved to contruct Halloween Gift Baskets filled with rare goodies.

Halloween Candy Bar Construction Recipe:

Halloween Gift Basket - Open your gift to receive a special prize, including permanent costume items! Halloween Gift Baskets will contain one of the following items:

The Halloween Scream event will only be available until Wednesday, November 4th, so log in now to join in the scary fun!
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Halloween Scream Event (October 22 - November 4)
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