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 Halloween Cosplay Event

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PostSubject: Halloween Cosplay Event   Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:33 am

Halloween Cosplay Event

Razz Halloween Cosplay Event Razz

Post by saphars » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:30 am

Still need a costume for Halloween?

Dress as your favorite Luna character or monster!

We're holding a special cosplay event just for Halloween this year,

giving everyone that posts a picture of themselves in their best

Luna-themed costume a chance to win free gPotatoes!

~When and Where:

Monday, October 26 - Monday, November 2 @ 10:00am PDT

~How to Participate:

Create a Luna Online costume and post a picture of you wearing it

in this thread before 10:00am PDT on Monday, November 2nd.

Costumes can be cute, terrifying, or anything in between.

Be sure to include a description of what your costume is

supposed to be, just in case it isn't clear.

~Your entry must include:

  • A picture of you wearing your Luna-themed costume

  • A brief description or caption explaining your costume

'The Luna Online team will pick their favorite four entries based on creativity, style, and effort'.


One grand prize winner will receive 2000 gPotatoes

deposited directly to their account.

Three runner-ups will also receive 500 gPotatoes each.

Get in the Halloween spirit and show off your best Luna Online costume now!

Halloween Cosplay Event
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Halloween Cosplay Event
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