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 Scheduled Maintenance - 10:00pm PST (11/04/09)

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PostSubject: Scheduled Maintenance - 10:00pm PST (11/04/09)   Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:43 am

Scheduled Maintenance - 10:00pm PST (11/04/09)

Postby saphars » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:19 am

Tonight Luna Online will be undergoing

scheduled maintenance beginning at 10:00pm PST (GMT-Cool.

The maintenance will last approximately 2 hours.

Be sure to check out the PST clock on the Luna Online homepage

to determine what time maintenance starts in your timezone.

Tonight's maintenance will mark the end of the Halloween Scream Event.

Be sure to find a date dungeon partner and

trick or treat for the last time before maintenance starts!

Players will be unable to log into Luna Online during maintenance,

so use this opportunity to design a new costume item in the

Halloween Cosstume Party Luna MVP Event or to hang out (and spam!)

in the maintenance game thread (link will be available once maintenance begins).

If you're not a fan of Luna on Facebook yet, be sure to become

one before maintenance starts.

We'll also have a simple game on

Facebook during maintenance tonight with a chance to win in-game items. Very Happy
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Scheduled Maintenance - 10:00pm PST (11/04/09)
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