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 Ryan's Bow Rogue Guide

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PostSubject: Ryan's Bow Rogue Guide   Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:58 pm


Ryan's Bow Rogue Guide

Postby genryan » Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:41 am

Hello,I'm Ryan and I'm here to give you a guide about bow type rogues Very Happy

About My Bow Type Rogue

I made my bow type rogue hybrid because it's much stronger than the pure path

SO this is only Hybrid Path which means really good at AoE

1st is you need to know whether elf or human...

Human=got Burning Rage

Elf=more Evasion,Crit,and Defense



Str or Dex

I recommend Dex because bow type rogues have many

Crit and Evasion which you can get more when you go Dex

Str is not recommended for bow type rogues because you will have low

Crit and Evasion but have more Physical Attack Power


Job Paths Very Happy

Recommended(the one I used)


Treasure Hunter>Arch Ranger(to be updated)

On the 1st job change you have 2 choices whether

Voyager or Ruffian but I suggest Ruffian

If you go Voyager you will have 1 AoE skill

but you can still get it when you turn Archer

You don't really need the skills from Voyager...

If you go Ruffian you will have Crit Chance buff like Detect Hole

On your 3rd job change you will pick Treasure Hunter....

Don't worry you still have skills to use

because you have 2 non-weapon skills

(Hunter Blast and Hunter Smoke

And you will get Stealth and Extortion)


Skills Very Happy


Power Shot-level 1(cost only 9 mp)

Needle Shot-Max(good skill)

Zephyr-Max(Increases your Dex)

Blindside-Max(Increases Crit Rate)

Death Sign-Max(Increases Crit Damage)

Light Evasion-Max(Increases Evasion)

Bow Training-Max(Increases Phy Att when using bows)

Long Shot-Max(Increases with skills)



Past skills information are on previous job


Blind Side-Max

Detect Hole-Max(your Crit rate buff)

Light Evasion-Max



Past Skills Information are on previuos jobs I just feel lazy^_^

Power Shot-Max(Becomes Double Shot after level 10..Max it)

Needle shot-Max(Becomes Piercing Arrow after level 10..Max it)

Piercing Shot-level 1(you decide if you want AoE)

Ice Rain-level 1(you decide if you want AoE)


Death Sign-Max

Light Evasion-Max

Quick Move-Max(Increases movement speed)

Fatal Touch-Max(Increases Crit Damage)

Long Shot-Max

Burning Rage-Max


Treasure Hunter

Hunter Blast-Max(a non-weapon aoe skill)

Hunter Smoke-Max(a non-weapon aoe skill)


Extortion-Max(Increases drop rate)

Blind Side-Max

Quick Move-Max

Stealth-Max(makes you invisible..useful for PvP)

Detect Hole-Max

Light Evasion-Max

Bow Training-Max


Arch Ranger

(Coming sooooooon..)

So there you got the skill now I have suggestion for the bow you will use..

Level 1-45 use npc bows

Try getting Kiyomas Feathered Horn Bow at Kiyoma(use it until 80)

Then try constructing Flame Bow and use it(reinforce it with Litheons)

There you go I will updated it soon when I turn Arch Ranger

Comment if you got suggestion or questions..



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Ryan's Bow Rogue Guide
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