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 Luna Fu Dueling Tournament - Predictions End Nov. 16

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PostSubject: Luna Fu Dueling Tournament - Predictions End Nov. 16   Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:16 pm

Luna Fu Dueling Tournament - Predictions End Nov. 16

Postby saphars » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:01 am

  • Once per generation the greatest heroes in the Blue Land

  • meet in the desert of Zakandia for the ultimate dueling tournament.

  • Here these mighty warriors put their strength to the test,

  • competing in one-on-one matches in front of a roaring crowd of fans who wager

  • it all on the tournament's outcome.

  • One by one challengers are defeated as the strongest combatant rises to the top.

  • For the defeated there is only shame and a chance at future victory,
    and for the winner of the tournament comes power beyond
    all imagining - a gift from the gods themselves!

  • Sixteen gladiators enter, but only one leaves.

  • Sign up for a time to compete and get ready
    to square off against other players of the same class and level range.

  • Brackets are available for levels 50-74 and 75+. If you're a lover, not a fighter,
    and don't want to risk life and limb in the tournament itself,
    you can choose to predict the winners of each round
    on your server instead for a chance at equal glory!

  • Whether you're fighting in the tournament or participating
    as a spectator and predicting the tournament's outcome,
    you'll have a chance to win a rare gift handed
    down from the gods of the Blue Land -- A rare and powerful artifact that
    allows you to permanently increase your character's size,
    forever marking you as a warrior without equal!

  • When and Where:

  • Eclipse Server - Zakandia (Channel 3)

  • Monday, November 16th - 4:00pm PST (Rogues)

  • Tuesday, November 17th - 4:00pm PST (Mages)

  • Wednesday, November 18th - 4:00pm PST (Fighters)

  • Crescent Server - Zakandia (Channel 3)

  • Thursday, November 19th - 4:00pm PST (Rogues)

  • Friday, November 20th - 4:00pm PST (Mages)

  • Monday November 23th - 4:00pm PST (Fighters)

    How to Participate:

  • To compete in the tournament

  • 1. Sign up for the appropriate day based on your class and server.
    See the first post in this thread for additional info on how to sign up.
    Sign-ups end at 5:00pm PST on Friday, November 13th.

  • 2. Be in Zakandia Outpost at 4:00pm PST when your class' tournament starts.
    Players not present when they are called will forfeit their duel.

  • 3. Get ready for the fight of your life! Duel your opponent in a no holds-bar
    competition where the winner takes all and advances to the next round.

  • 4. The player that wins each class tournament in each level range will
    be forever marked as the victor with a permanent size increase.

    To predict the winners.

  • 1. Download the level 75+ tournament brackets for the server you play on.

    Crescent Brackets:

  • Rogues

  • Mages

  • Fighters

    Eclipse Brackets:

  • Rouges

  • Mages

  • Fighters

  • 2. Edit the bracket images for your server using a free image editor
    to indicate which players you believe will advance to
    the next rounds and ultimately win.

  • *You can choose to submit your entry as plain text if you'd like.

  • 3. Attach the edited images or send your submission as plain text in
    an email to before 2:00pm PST on Monday,
    November 16th.

  • *Specify your account name and server in this email or you will be disqualified.*

  • 4. Each correct prediction will be worth the following amount of points:

  • 1st Round Winner - 1 point

  • 2nd Round Winner - 2 points

  • Semi-Finalist - 4 points

  • Class Winner - 7 points

  • 5. The player with the most points at the end of each class tournament
    will receive a permanent size increase.

  • In the case of ties, the winner will be randomly chosen.


  • * The tournament will be single-elimination with pairings decided randomly.

  • * Participants are allowed to use consumables, costumes,
    or any buffs available to their character class.

    Receiving buffs from friends or guildmates will not be allowed.

  • * Disconnecting during a duel will count as a loss. There will be no second chances or "do overs."

  • * Exploiting save points to exit the duel box will also count as a loss.

  • * De-leveling in order to participate in a lower bracket will not be allowed.

    Any character that has de-leveled from 75+ to join the 50-74 bracket will be disqualified.

  • * Pets cannot be used to aid in a duel, either for buffs or within the duel itself.

  • Use of a pet will count as a forfeit and will disqualify you from participating in the rest of the tournament.

  • * Players can choose to both participate in the tournament and predict the winners.
    Participants do not have to predict they will win.

  • * In the case of a draw, the winners will be determined
    using the ancient "pick a number between 1 and 10" technique.


  • For Tournament Competitors:

  • 1 class winner for each level range per server
    (12 winners total) - Permanent size increase,
    20 High Quality Fairy's Wings, 250,000
    Guild Points (lvl 50-74) / 500,000 Guild Points (lvl 75+) for your guild

  • 3 runner-ups for each level range per server
    (36 winners total) - 20 High Quality Fairy's Wings

    For Prediction Winners:

  • 1 class winner for the 75+ level range per server
    (6 winners total) - Permanent size increase,
    20 High Quality Fairy's Wings, 500,000 Guild Points for you guild

  • 3 runner-ups for for the 75+ level range per server
    (18 winners total)- 20 High Quality Fairy's Wings

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Luna Fu Dueling Tournament - Predictions End Nov. 16
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