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 Luna Online Black Friday Mega Sale is now live!

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PostSubject: Luna Online Black Friday Mega Sale is now live!   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:33 am

Luna Online Black Friday Mega Sale is now live!

Postby colbeagle » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:04 pm

Luna's biggest sale of the year begins today!

The Black Friday Sale starts now
and runs until Monday, November 30th.

Visit the Black Friday Sale Event Page now
to check out the new permanent costumes,
Rank 4 EXP Scrolls, and Lucky 77 Boxes,
and don't miss your chance to get your hands
on the most anticipated items in Luna before they disappear!

New Permanent Costumes (Available until November 30th)!

Image *NEW* Chibi Goth Costume

Now's your chance to dress like Luna's resident celebrity and tour guide, Stan!
The most anticipated costume ever is finally available in the Item Shop!
Includes Mr. Snuggles Bunny (Girls) or Electric Guitar (Boys).

Image *NEW* Cowboy Costume
Yeehaw! Appoint yourself sheriff of the Blue Land and bring law
to this lawless land with this cool costume!

Includes Snappy Strong Bullwhip (Girls) or High Calibur Rifle (Boys).

Image *NEW* Native American Costume
Just in time for Thanksgiving, this permanent costume
allows you to embrace a lifestyle more in tune with the natural world.

Includes Festive Rhythm Drums (Girls) or Festive Rhythm Bandola (Boys).

Image *CLASSIC* Shinigami Costume
This classic costume was one of the first permanent costumes ever released in Luna!
Back for a limited time, pick up Shinigami costume before it disappears again!

Includes Zanpakuto Bow (Girls) or Zanpakuto Sword (Boys).

New EXP Scroll (Only 2000 available)!

Image Rank 4 EXP Scrolls (+100%)

These scrolls are the ultimate EXP Boost!
Each Rank 4 scroll lasts for 1 hour and
boosts the experience you receive from monsters by 100%.

You must be level 50 and have a
Rank 1 or Rank 2 EXP Scroll active in order
to use a Rank 4 EXP Scroll.

Combine with a Rank 1 EXP Scroll to receive a 150%
EXP bonus or with a Rank 2 EXP Scroll to receive 200% bonus EXP.

Lucky 77 Boxes (New Item)!

The first and second generation Lucky 77
Boxes are finally available in the Item Shop!
Try your luck for a chance at one of 77

different items, including weapons, armor, accessories, wings, costumes,
crafting materials, and more!

Lucky 77 Box Generation 1
Click here to see all the items available in first generation Lucky 77 Boxes.

Lucky 77 Box Generation 2
Click here to see all the items available in second generation Lucky 77 Boxes.

Lucky 77 Boxes are here to stay and will always be available in the Luna Item Shop,
but during the Black Friday Sale is your only chance to buy 9 and get 1 free!

A sale like this only happens once a year, so stop by the Luna Online Item Shop now
to pick up some of these exciting new items before they disappear!
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Luna Online Black Friday Mega Sale is now live!
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