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 December Desktop Calendar Winner!

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PostSubject: December Desktop Calendar Winner!   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:43 am

December Desktop Calendar Winner!

Postby saphars » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:59 am

In last week's Luna MVP event, we asked members of
the community to design the last Luna Online calendar desktop of 2009.

As always, we received lots of great entries that will look great decorating our desktops during December.

Please note that because we are out of the office for the Thanksgiving Holiday,
we will be unable to award the Luna MVP badge or 7-day costume to the winner until Monday.

Winner: giggity_ (Luna MVP Forum Badge, 7-day Hanbok Costume)

Right click this image to save the full-sized desktop to your computer or set it as your wallpaper now.

The Luna Online team will be sporting this fantastic, festive paper all month long.

From the great use of Luna's holiday costumes to the bright lights, snow flakes,
and other seasonal details, this fun wallpaper calendar gets us excited for
all the cool stuff happening in Luna this December.

Honorable Mentions (No Prize):

rawritstiff - Simple, cute, and effective, this great submission features tons of hidden details.

anaconda112 - This cool calendar goes the extra mile (in the snow... uphill both ways)
and includes all of the important holidays and events in December.

xsavarax - Brrr, this icy desktop reminds us to stay indoors during the cold winter months
and curl up with some hot chocolate and Luna Online instead.

Thanks for all the great entries this week, everyone! We ended 2009 with a bang with
so many wonderful calendars to choose from. Be sure to set your favorite
as your desktop for December and end the year in style!

If you didn't get a chance to enter this week or just want a
chance to rake up another Luna MVP victory,
be sure to check out this week's Luna MVP Event: Blue Land Holiday Blues!
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December Desktop Calendar Winner!
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