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 Luna's Top Chef Contest

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PostSubject: Luna's Top Chef Contest   Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:12 am

With the population of the Blue Land growing quickly, Chef Marcus over at Marcus’ Fine Dining is in need of a new chef! However, he doesn’t want just any chef! He needs the number one chef in all of the Blue Land! Do you have what it takes to be Marcus’ executive chef and help him feed all of the mouths in the Blue Land?

If you’re up for the challenge, Marcus needs proof of your unrivaled palate and culinary perfection! He wants you to cook or bake something Luna-themed and show it to him! The chef behind Marcus’ favorite creation will have the honor of wearing his chef uniform!

When and Where:
Wednesday, September 23rd until Thursday, October 1st at 10:00am PDT

How to Participate:
Create a Luna-themed food and take a picture (or multiple pictures) and post them in this thread, along with the recipe you used. You may bake a cake, cookies, dessert or cook whatever else you wish for this contest, as long as it is Luna-themed. Please also include the recipe for your creation (this doesn’t have to be very detailed, just a general description of the ingredients you used).

In this thread, you should submit the following:
-A short description of your creation and how it relates to Luna Online
-Picture(s) of your creation
-The recipe you used
At the end of the contest period, the GMs will choose their favorite creation based on creativity, style, and effort.

One grand prize winner will receive a permanent in-game Gourmet Chef Costume.
Three runner-ups will receive a 7-day Gourmet Chef Costume and 100 Hamburgers.

Source:Luna Online, Announcements section
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Luna's Top Chef Contest
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