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 [Luna MVP Event] Blue Land Holiday Blues

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PostSubject: [Luna MVP Event] Blue Land Holiday Blues   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:56 am

[Luna MVP Event] Blue Land Holiday Blues

Postby saphars » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:55 am

The citizens of the Blue Land are sad that they don't have any holidays to call their own.

They're jealous of all of Earth's exciting holiday celebrations,
so they've asked the people of Earth (that's you Very Happy)
to come up with a great new holiday that will cheer up everyone in the Blue Land.

Create a new Luna holiday for the people of the Blue Land for your chance
to win a Luna MVP forum badge and a 7-day Twinkling Pajama Costume.

Explain how this holiday is celebrated, who or what it's in honor of, and what day it falls on.

Entries can be entirely text-based or include art or other screenshots.

Get creative and don't forget about the Luna Online Fan Site Kit - a valuable
resource jam-packed with high quality Luna art and images.


* Must be appropriate for all ages
* Must comply with the forum rules
* One entry per person


* Luna MVP forum badge
* 7-day Twinkling Pajama Costume

Submissions will be accepted until 10:00am (PST) on Friday, December 4th.

gPotato runs weekly Luna MVP events every Friday.

Be sure to check the Events & Contest forum every week to see the latest winners and participate in the next event!

Click here for a full list of previous Luna MVP winners.

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[Luna MVP Event] Blue Land Holiday Blues
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