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 Guild guide

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PostSubject: Guild guide   Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:43 am

Original guide: [Guide] Everything about Guilds[information Update] by cayena

To form a Guild you have to go to Alker Harbor and visit the NPC Ellenshar, the requirements are that the founder is at least level 10 and have 10,000 gold.

Guild Emblem
- Guild has to be level 2
- Image has to be 16x16
- Image has to be .bmp not .jpg
How to register your emblem?

First add your made 16x16 image into the dedicated luna folder, do not put it in any subfolder but in the main luna folder.
And then you talk to Ellenshar and choose register the guild mark and write in your image like:
01_1.bmp < make sure you add the .bmp

Different Guild Levels

The chart below will show you the different guild levels, what they give and how much they cost. Guild points are achieved by killing.

Guild gather gps (guild points) only when guild master/chairman is online! This means that even when you try hard to help your guild if master if offline guild won't gather single gp.

Guild Wars
A guild war is a war between two guilds and their alliances,
this means you can kill them anywhere and them you. All monster maps and the farm will be able to PK so watch your back!

But to put a war you need to request it and the other guild MAY deny, but the same you can do when they request a surrender.

You'll loose 4 guildpoints when dying in a guildwar, and you'll win 2 by killing someone.
But there are no EXP looses.

Different Guild Buffs

When it says that you can have recruit training it means apprentices, at like level 4 you can have 35 members in your guild and 15 apprentices. This means you can in total have 50 members in your guild - but 15 HAVE to be apprentices.

What does that mean?
They wear the guild emblem, they cannot invite others or change their own guild nickname. And we cannot promote them till their level 40.
But none the less their apart of the guild and shouldn't mean anything less then a newcomer and a regular member.

Guild member's actions

Why cannot I join a guild!?!?
If you've been in another guild within 24 hours then You cannot join another.
It's called a guild penalty which means you cannot jump guilds till 24 hours have passed. Level recruitment is set by the guild itself.
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Guild guide
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